Homemade Chocolate-Covered Digestive Biscuits

You know those special foods your parents would give you when you were little that made you feel SO cultured and fancy? For me, the items that topped the list were Clearly Canadian sparkling water, After Eight chocolate mints, and…chocolate-covered digestive biscuits. After all, who doesn’t love a British snack? One that’s actually a cookie […]


Richmond! Richmond! Read All About It!*

*I don’t know the city of Richmond very well. However, I DO know a certain Bethany Novak quite well, and (as of last fall) she lives in Richmond. I went up to visit her in her newly adopted city last weekend, and loved what I saw. (Mainly, I loved getting to hang with Bethany. But […]


Bread Pudding: The New San Francisco Treat?

While Kevin and I were out in San Francisco last week, we couldn’t help but notice something: bread pudding seemed to be a “thing.” In fact, Schulzies — a spot just around the corner from our hotel — serves up exclusively bread pudding (chilled, since it’s in California). And though Kevin and I opted for a […]