Exploration and Adventure

Land Ho! (My Iceland Playlist)

This summer, my family will be traveling to Iceland to celebrate my dad’s retirement. He wanted to take us all on a trip to mark this momentous occasion, and we’re thrilled he selected Iceland as the destination. My parents visited Iceland back in the late 80s and fell in love with the country (my dad […]


Richmond! Richmond! Read All About It!*

*I don’t know the city of Richmond very well. However, I DO know a certain Bethany Novak quite well, and (as of last fall) she lives in Richmond. I went up to visit her in her newly adopted city last weekend, and loved what I saw. (Mainly, I loved getting to hang with Bethany. But […]


Catching Up

I’ve been terrible about updating my blog lately, and sincerely apologize! Honestly, there hasn’t been all that much going on outside of working, eating, sleeping, and other such routine activities. But, there have been some highlights scattered throughout the last couple of weeks! Here are a few: I tried some great new recipes (both from […]