London At Christmastime: Last-Minute Tips?

Can you believe it’s less than a week from Christmas? I feel like the holiday kind of snuck up me this year. I mean, we have decorations up at our house that make things feel festive, and I’ve listened to my share of Christmas music and watched a handful of my favorite Christmas movies, but it still feels like there should be more time before the actual day.

Luckily, Kevin and I will get an extra heavy dose of Christmas next week, as we travel to London with my family (my dad, mom, sister, and brother-in-law) to celebrate the holiday there. Before Kevin and I met, back in 2009, our family of four went to London for Christmas, and it was incredible. I’m already in love with the city, having lived there for a semester during a study abroad in college, but at Christmastime it becomes even more magical. (Plus, neither Kevin nor my brother-in-law, Marty, have been to London before. We can’t wait to introduce them to this amazing place! They’re going to love it.)


We have so many fun items on our itinerary, including three shows (Elf and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — both musicals — and The Play That Goes Wrong), checking out the Churchill War Rooms and the London Eye, visiting some Christmas markets, and taking in the impressive Christmas lights and storefront windows on some of London’s iconic streets. We’ll also go on one or two London Walk tours (something I discovered and fell in love with during my time there — these are AWESOME if you’re visiting London!), including a Charles Dickens walk on Christmas Day. I also hope we’ll have time to go ice skating at Somerset House.


Now, here’s where y’all come in.

If you’ve been to London during the Christmas season before, please let me know if you have last-minute items we should add to our agenda! Our friend Melissa sent us this YouTube video with some great festive ideas, and I’ve had another friend suggest restaurant options, but we’re absolutely open to more! Bring on the recommendations, friends!

The whole Swindle/Keller/Schmid clan thanks you in advance for your help!

(What are your thoughts on traveling during the holidays? I know it’s not the most appealing scenario for some families, but we’ve traveled during both Christmas and Thanksgiving and have found it to be a good fit for our family. It definitely makes the holiday look a good bit different than what you’re used to, but for us that’s okay. I’d love to know which camp you fall into. If you have traveled during the holidays, what are some of your favorite destinations?)


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