Vegan Recipes + Food

First of all, let’s start with WHY I switched to a vegan diet (in the summer of 2017) to begin with. Here’s a post digging into the reasons behind my decision, and it also includes several resources I’ve found helpful along the way. (And no, not everyone in my family eats this way.)

But we’re here to talk about vegan FOOD! I often get requests for vegan recipes, and thought it would be helpful to create a central space for them to live here on my blog. Welcome to that space: Vegan Recipes!

This section of my blog is a place for me to capture some favorite recipes that I want to come back to time and time again (and a place to easily share those recipes with you!). Most of these aren’t my own recipes, but rather ones I’ve found from a variety of sources (and I’ll keep adding to this page as I discover more deliciousness). All the recipes are vegan, as the name of this section suggests. 🙂


Some Favorite Cow’s Milk Alternatives:

Sourdough Bread:



Lunch/Dinner Entrees:


Side Dishes:



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