Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by curiouser & curiouser!

When I was starting this blog, I agonized over what “theme” I would follow. I like cooking and trying out new recipes, so should I start a food blog? I’m obsessed with Pure Barre, so should I focus on health and wellness? Winston-Salem? Being a mom? I just couldn’t arrive at single topic to dedicate my blog to, so I thought I’d cast a wider net, which is more my style anyway. I’m a curious person, and the things that interest me certainly don’t fit within one single overarching topic.


As a result, here you’ll (intentionally) find a wide assortment of subject matter, sure to include all of the above topics mentioned as well as thoughts on pop culture, rantings about the terrible state of grammar in America (sometimes “me” is correct, rather than “I,” people!), TV/movies, and more.

curiouser & curiouser exists as an online version of conversations you might have with a well-rounded, up-to-date-on-trends friend. You know that person who’s always trying something new or starting a project or diving into an unfamiliar topic that she’s anxious to tell you about? This blog reads like that person wrote it (because she did)!

Thanks for coming along to observe with me!


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