Beyond Bread: Other Uses For Sourdough Starter

I know, I know — sourdough bread is THE quarantine hobby. (Interested in joining the sourdough bread club? Check out this post with details on getting your starter going, baking your bread, etc.)

But the cool thing about having sourdough starter on hand is that it can be used for lots more than a standard loaf of sourdough bread. Not only that, some starter recipes can make use of inactive starter, so you don’t have to feed the starter and get it primed and ready before putting it to use.

starter recipes

Here are non-bread recipes I’ve tried so far using my starter. (Of course, all of these recipes are also vegan, or can easily be made vegan.):

  • Sourdough Bagels: This recipe DOES require active starter (and a decent amount of time — mostly waiting), but it’s soooo worth it. Kevin told me these were the best bagels he’s ever had (!!!), so I’d say this recipe is a keeper! (P.S. I just use almond milk instead of egg white for the wash, and it works perfectly.)
  • Blueberry Sourdough Muffins: I used almond milk and a flax egg for these and they turned out great! We also didn’t have blueberries so we used cherries instead. The cornmeal makes them extra hearty, which we loved.
  • Vegan Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes: These definitely have a different taste to them than normal pancakes (a distinct tang from the sourdough), but the three of us LOVED them! I recommend topping them with almond butter, walnuts, syrup, and additional berries for maximum deliciousness. (These also make a lot and freeze SO well, making for quick and easy breakfasts down the road.)
  • Sourdough Crumpets: Did you have any idea you could easily make your own crumpets at home, and that they only take four ingredients and about 10 minutes from start to finish? I had no clue, and I’m thrilled to know that’s the case! We used cookie cutters to make these extra fun and whipped them up on Easter morning.
  • Sourdough Pizza Dough: Disclaimer: We haven’t made this recipe — YET. (It’s on the agenda for this weekend!) But seeing as it’s a King Arthur Flour recipe, I know I can trust it.

Fellow sourdough friends: What else have you used your starter for that I need to know about?


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