A Perfect Mountaintop Wedding

Our friends Allen and Mary got married last weekend — wahoo! They’re two of our very favorite people, and we’re so excited for them.

Kevin and I were honored to celebrate their big day with them last weekend in Sewanee, Tennessee (where Mary and Allen went to college at The University of the South). Mary and Allen had told us about how gorgeous Sewanee is (on a mountain near-ish Chattanooga), but we were still blown away being there. Talk about a beautiful campus — this place is idyllic. Kevin says he’d have felt the need to think big thoughts and do great things all the time if he’d gone to school there, because everything is just so majestically collegiate. I mean, just look at All Saints’ Chapel, where Mary and Allen got married:


Amazing, right?

Oh, and here’s the set-up for the reception in the yard of a beautiful home on campus. So pretty!:


Also worth noting from the weekend:

  • We stopped for lunch in Knoxville during our drive to Sewanee on Friday, and downtown Knoxville is adorable! We dined at The Tomato Head, which I highly recommend to anyone who happens to find themselves in Knoxville. I had the spinach and black bean pizza (I know — beans on a pizza? But it was amazing!) with baked tofu. Yum! After lunch, we enjoyed popping into a few stores in the Market Square area:


  • In the midst of all the wedding prep, Allen left his tux at home in Winston-Salem (yikes!) and realized it midday Friday. Thankfully, he has a cousin who lives in Winston who also has a key to the house, and so Donald was able to ship the tux overnight via FedEx to Chattanooga, where Kevin and I picked it up on Saturday morning. We thought it was quite fitting to find this ad on the wall at the FedEx office!:


  • Sewanee has a lot going for it, but certainly doesn’t have a large array of accommodations from which to choose. We were lucky to have Mary and Allen around to offer advice on where we should stay over the weekend! We ended up in a delightful “cabin” (a.k.a. a 162-square-foot converted shed) right down the street from the church where the wedding took place. The cabin is behind a lovely house, and the couple who lives there converted the spaces when one of the town’s inns closed and they knew there’d be a need for more places to stay. It was perfect for us:


Okay, time to make some dinner. It’s finally feeling like summer here in Winston (yay!), and Fulton and I just got back from a nice, long walk around the ‘hood. He’s one happy pup at the moment:


How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Fun, I hope!

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