What To Pack For A Trip To France In September

This blog post was born as a result of a request, which is always SO FUN! (Please send topics my way if you’d like to see them covered. I always LOVE getting suggestions for content.) My sister, Susan, is traveling to France next month (lucky girl!) for a family wedding on her husband’s side of the family. She reached out to see if I could write about some packing tips for their upcoming trips. I’m happy to oblige, Susan, and hope you find this post helpful! (It’s for you, too, Liz!)


Susan and I have done a good bit of traveling in our day, thanks in large part to our parents prioritizing travel for us growing up. Despite being a seasoned traveler, I admit I always have a tendency to over pack. (Kevin knows this all too well!) Inevitably, I end up using about a third of the things I brought, no matter where I’m traveling. With that habit in mind, this was a helpful post for me to put together because it reminded me of how little you actually need to travel with PLENTY of things (but not TOO many).

Okay, let’s get to some tips, shall we?:

  • First of all: weather. From what I’ve read, you’ll be in for some pretty gorgeous weather this time of year with highs in the low 70s. You might get some rain, so I would definitely pack a lightweight raincoat/trench.
  • Choose dresses over shorts. It will still be summertime when you travel, but the French aren’t very into shorts, so reach for dresses instead. These also tend to pack well and often don’t take up much room in the suitcase — a definite bonus! (And since Susan is going for a wedding, at least one dress will be a must!)
  • Leave your hair dryer at home. Almost every hotel will have one.
  • Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes (and they shouldn’t be sneakers). Bring one pair that’s a little dressier but still comfy (these are the ones you can wear to wedding-related events and out to dinner, etc.) and a second, more casual pair that’s chic but that will also work well for walking around in.
  • Include a cardigan in your carry on. Things will cool down at night, so be prepared! Make this a neutral color so it will work for any outfit. (It will likely come in handy on the plane, too!)
  • Summer scarves make great functional accessories. You can use these both as a way to spice up an outfit and for a little extra warmth when needed, making it a much more multi-purpose accessory than a necklace!
  • Pack chic pants that you can re-wear. Include one or two pairs of pants you love, and that will work with multiple tops. Maybe opt for one pair of jeans and one non-denim pair just to mix it up…
  • Keep the tops simple. As with the pants, it’s ideal to pack tops that you can easily pair with different pants. Go with solid colors when possible. You also want to pack fabrics that aren’t too delicate, and that will look great even after hours or days shoved into a suitcase!
  • Don’t forget your Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick! You want to look your best in France, and this long-lasting lip color will help you do just that. It will come in handy for the wedding as well! (With eight shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.)
  • Plan for your electronics. This adapter and converter in one seems like a super easy option on that front!
  • Bring along a small bag for your trip home. This was something Mom and Dad always did, Susan, and I love it! Include a small bag in your luggage so that you easily have a way to bring home items if you’ve bought souvenirs. (These would do the trick and are very affordable!)
  • Go with a small, cross body purse. This makes it easy and comfortable to be on the go during your visit (and they tend to be safer from pick pocketers than a backpack).
  • Make sure your accessories can do double — or triple — duty. Choose earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that will pair well with a few different outfits, rather than statement pieces that just go with one.

I’m so excited for your trip, Susan, and hope this was a bit helpful!

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