Introducing “Ask Anna”

I’ve been mulling this new concept over for a few months now, and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you.

I tested the waters a bit by talking about this new addition to curiouser & curiouser in a series of Instagram Stories recently, and the feedback I got was 100% in favor of me launching it. So. Here we are.

Introducing Ask Anna!

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Oh — a description might help, huh? Here you go:

Ask Anna is a way for me to bring my journalistic background — my love for research and interviews, as well as for digging into a topic I either don’t know much about or don’t know anything at all about — more strongly into my blog and podcast content. Remember Ask Jeeves from waaaaay back in the day (the pre-Google Google)? Think of it almost like that, but with a more personal twist.

Here’s how I’m envisioning it working:

  • Submit a question for me to answer. This question can be ANYTHING. It can be something deep or something very, well, NOT deep. It can be related to travel or mental health or nutrition or parenting or fashion or Winston-Salem or marriage or friendships or juggling work and play…you get the drift. We’re going for BROAD here. Whatever’s on your mind! (I am planning to answer the questions anonymously, so no worries about your name being tied to a question.)
  • Each month, I’ll tackle one of your questions. I’ll provide a personal account, when applicable, but I’ll also find someone else (or a few people) I can talk to about the topic, or conduct research to gather additional information and perspective. I’ll address the question in the form of a blog post or a podcast episode — or maybe both, depending on what might work best!

What do you think? I am SO excited about this, and hope you are, too.

Ready to help me get this started? Go ahead — ask away!

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