Maggie Monday (August 13, 2018)

I know that everyone thinks their child is the best and the cutest and the sweetest, right? I mean, I assume that’s just how this whole parenting thing works.

I most DEFINITELY think those things about Maggie. (But I mean — she’s pretty cute and sweet, right?)

We spent the weekend at the beach with Kevin’s parents (otherwise know as Gram and Gramps), and his mom commented that if she didn’t know Maggie well, she’d think we strategically took pictures of her only when she’s smiling and being pleasant. The thing about Maggie, though, is that she’s like that 95% of the time. It makes me so glad for her, because I think she must feel healthy and safe and loved and just HAPPY most of the time. I am so hopeful she can hang onto that outlook her whole life.

Fun new things lately:

  • Maggie LOVES to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” — and she’s GOOD at it! She doesn’t sing the words, but you can absolutely tell that’s what it is. I am trying to get a good video of it, because it’s precious.
  • She’s recently learned to “Cheers!” with cups and is a huge fan. Kevin also taught her to shake hands, and watching her run around a room showing off that new “trick” makes her look like a tiny politician who’s busy networking.


  • She is a big fan of accessories (bags, jewelry, etc.), and one of her favorite morning activities is trying on my bracelets and prance around the room with them on.
  • She’s starting to say new things like “Whoa!” and “Yeah!”, and typically uses them at the appropriate times, which is so sweet.
  • We got to see our friends the Petersens over the weekend (they gave Maggie her Maggie Bunny!) and it was such a treat to be together.


  • Gram and Gramps continue to be favorites for Maggie-girl — and for good reason! She is one adored little granddaughter.
  • I continue to be so very grateful for our village. We have countless friends who love our girl as their own and who support us in this whole parenting journey. We are so fortunate!


Here are lots more photos from this past week. I can’t get over the ones Kevin took of her at the beach! I’m so grateful Maggie’s able to spend so much time there (and that we’re able to as well!).


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