Keller Family Beach Vacation 2016: A Photo-Driven Recap

I lucked out beyond measure in the in-law department. Kevin’s family is incredible, and I adore spending time with them. I’m grateful to them for welcoming me into the family with such open arms and making me feel so comfortable.

Kevin and I spent last week at the beach with his family (including: his dad, Keith, his mom, Cathy, his older sister, April, her husband, Greg, their two boys, Everett and Isaiah, his younger brother, Justin, and his wife, Katie) and loved every minute. All 10 of us shared a house on Oak Island, and it was a blast being together, sharing dinner responsibilities (I made an Atlantic Beach Pie — yum!), hanging out on the beach, and laughing — a lot. Spending a week at the beach each summer is a Keller family tradition, and it’s one I’ve been happy to join!

Instead of writing out the details of our week-long beach vacation, I thought I’d share our trip with you through photos.



IMG_0211 IMG_0356IMG_0273 IMG_0289 IMG_0268IMG_0279 IMG_0357 IMG_0322 IMG_0344 IMG_0331 IMG_0327 IMG_0330 IMG_0210 IMG_0328 IMG_0231 IMG_0226 IMG_0236 IMG_0212 IMG_0285

We’re already excitedly planning next summer’s Keller beach trip. I can’t wait!

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  1. What a 5 review! We really enjoyed having the family together and look forward to spending time with the Swindle family this weekend.

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