My Favorite Non-Pure Barre Workouts

My favorite workout, hands down, is Pure Barre. (That comes as no surprise to just about anyone who knows me and/or reads this blog/follows me on Instagram.) But to supplement my time at the barre, I like to incorporate other workouts to round things out and keep some variety, too.

I’ve found that I much prefer group workout classes to individual ones, which is one of the reasons PB is so appealing to me. But I’ve found that group element in other types of workouts, too, which has been great. Groups make me feel more motivated, and I definitely think I work harder when I’m with others versus on my own. (Oh, hey, pride! I think it’s working in my favor in this case, though.)

Anyway, here are my go-to workouts when I’m not at the Pure Barre studio, listed in no particular order:

  • Spinning: I discovered spinning in the last year or so (where have I been??) and really love it as a cardio complement to Pure Barre. Plus, it’s something Kevin and I can do together, which makes it especially awesome.


  • Yoga: I wish I did more yoga. I need to do more yoga. Because every time I do it, I get so very happy. Sure, there’s some crossover between yoga and Pure Barre, but they’re distinctly unique enough that I definitely get different benefits and experiences from each. Paz Studios here in Winston is my top pick for yoga (and I love when they host classes in Bailey Park!).
  • Running: I’m liking running more and more, and finding that the less pressure I put on myself to be awesome at running, the more enjoyable it is. (Duh — go figure, Anna!) It’s been nice to take some of the expectations away and just, well, run! (I’ve especially loved running races, which totally makes sense given my preference for group-oriented workout environments.)

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  • Tennis: I’m pretty terrible at tennis, but that doesn’t stop me from playing! We have some great courts by our house, and love meeting up with friends for some casual summertime games.
  • Rock Climbing: I’m solidly in the amateur category when it comes to this activity, but I looooove it. My friend Jodi introduced me to outdoor rock climbing (it’s SO MUCH BETTER than indoor!), and I’m so grateful to her for it.


  • Platform: Another great form of cardio, which is also a Pure Barre class, is Platform. I’ve enjoyed integrating Platform classes into my routine from time to time as well, as it’s definitely a class that syncs up well with regular Pure Barre classes.

What are your favorite workouts? 

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