Pure Barre Platform: What To Expect

If you’ve been reading Curiouser & Curiouser for, oh, all of five minutes (and definitely if you follow me on Instagram) you’ve gathered that I have an extreme love for all things Pure Barre. It’s my very favorite workout, and I feel so thankful to have found an exercise I enjoy so much.

A few months ago, our Pure Barre Winston-Salem and Clemmons studios rolled out the latest evolution of Pure Barre: Platform. I thought I’d use this post to share what Platform is all about, for those of you who haven’t tried it yet. (Oh, and this post by Forever Twenty Somethings called 100 Thoughts I Have During Pure Barre Platform is hilarious and pretty spot on, for those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to read it yet.)

Though there are definitely some overlaps between a Pure Barre class and a Platform class, most things about the two experiences are dramatically difference. That’s the point, after all.

Pure Barre is all about tiny, controlled, isometric movements and holds. An outsider looking at a Pure Barre class might not think the participants are doing much work at all during some portions of the class. (Though those of use PB’ers know that’s so very far from the truth!)

Platform, on the other hand, is all about BIG, quick movements, aiming to get heart rates going from start to finish.


It’s a wonderful complement to Pure Barre and, as a dedicated Pure Barre goer, it’s awesome to be able to streamline most of my workouts to a single studio. I used to incorporate spin class into my routine as a nice balance to Pure Barre, but have found that Platform can replace that as a cardio-focused component.

Platform is structured similarly to a Pure Barre class in that it focuses on arms, thighs, seat, and abs (in that order), working each muscle group to fatigue one by one. Expect big movements (the instructor will remind you to “throw your Pure Barre inch out the window”) and lots of sweating. (So much sweating.)

Did I mention you’ll get sweaty? Be sure to bring a towel along (and water, for SURE).

You’ll be using your platform (its surface is about a square foot and it sits roughly six inches off the ground) for most of the 55-minute class, using it to add challenge and range of motion to each exercise (and to help with stretching in some cases).


Perhaps the most fun part of a Platform class? The KICKS! It seriously does feel like flying. You hold onto the bar and use the platform for leverage as you kick your legs behind you, one at a time, as high as you can. It’s amazing — trust me (not to mention effective at getting your heart rate going strong!).

platform kicks

For those of you who have been going to Platform over the last few months, what’s your favorite part? How does it compare to Pure Barre for you?

Happy flying!


2 thoughts on “Pure Barre Platform: What To Expect

  1. You described PureBarre Platform so well–and I LOVED the links you included to the ‘100 Thoughts’ posts. Spot on! I did PB Platform for the first time a few weeks ago. I wish you would have had this post earlier. I was completely taken off-guard. The pace was way faster than I expected. Fortunately, I did a cardio barre class at FlyBarre (part of FlyWheel) in Raleigh last year and that was a nice balance of the standard PB pace I was used to, plus what I later experienced in Platform. I love the kicks too! I need to order my own platform so that I can add it to my barre workouts at home.

    I turn 31 this month (!) so I’m doing 31 days of barre, all at home. (Husband installed a barre for me as a Christmas gift.) Halfway there! 🙂

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