Friday Favorites (July 20, 2018)

Well. After a week full of unexplained sleepless nights (2 a.m. bedtime for no reason a couple of nights in a row — UGH!), I sure am glad the weekend is upon us. I have a Dave Matthews concert (my first!) to look forward to tonight, and then a day at the lake with some friends tomorrow. Lucky me! (Oh, and hopefully some sleep, too. Maybe even a lot of it.)

Here are some things I’ve been loving this week:

-First up, HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN USING THE MARCO POLO APP FOR YEARS AND YEARS? (Or maybe, you know, the couple of years it’s been around?) It’s SO fun, and if you don’t have it you must download it immediately. It’s a video-based app that you can use to talk to your friends and family — almost like Instagram stories meets texting. Get ready to get hooked. 🙂

-As a big supporter of doulas as they relate to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support (check out my podcast episode with doula Sarah Carter of Natural Baby Doulas in the Triad), I found this article about women using doulas for LIFE (not just pregnancy and birth) support really fascinating:

“It makes sense: If a doula’s job is to help you move gracefully though something as major as having a child, she’d also conceivably be able to guide you through other kinds of big life events with her insight and support. ‘The evolved doula is a space holder—for me, that means holding love, neutrality, and non-judgment for someone else and whatever it is they’re going through,’ says Paula Mallis, doula and founder of WMN Space in Los Angeles. ‘Before, it was very much like, ‘Let’s set up a birth plan together.’ But I feel like I can fully step into the role of a doula when I’m working with a woman through all of the transitions of her life—being single, finding a partner, preparing her body for pregnancy.'”

-I’m always up for finding a new delicious type of hummus, and this week I discovered Thai Coconut Curry hummus by Roots (“the microbrew of hummus”). And yes — it’s just as amazing as the name suggests.


-In my post yesterday about our trip last weekend to Nashville, I mentioned that I got a top from Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s store). Today, I’m wearing it for the first time and I LOVE IT! It’s soft and comfy and so cute, and I love the sleeve detail and the fact that you can wear it so many ways (tied up, loose, tucked in, etc.). I added the shirt to the Tops page within my blog’s Shop section so you can shop it there if you’re interested. As a reminder, I set up the Shop section to house links to products I have used and loved. They range from clothing items to personal care products as well as baby clothes and accessories we’ve loved for Maggie-girl. I hope you find it helpful!

URBN GRL is my new go-to spot in Winston when I need a fun gift for someone. They have an awesome jewelry selection, SO many good cards, some clothing, decor, and lots, lots more. Bonuses: The owner, Katie, is amazing AND they sell Fulton & Roark! Oh, you should definitely follow them on Instagram to keep up with the great stuff they have in store.


Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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