curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 16 (Digging Into Doula Services With Sarah Carter Of Natural Baby Doulas)

For my latest podcast episode, I spoke with Sarah Carter of Natural Baby Doulas, a Triad-based doula group that Kevin and I partnered with as we prepared for Maggie’s birth. My pregnancy and birth experience with Maggie were both about as close to perfect as you can get, and I credit that in large part to Sarah.


Kevin and I took her 12-week Bradley Method course and, as a result, felt so informed and supported in the months leading up to Maggie’s birth. I chose to have an unmedicated birth with Maggie, but I wholeheartedly recommend a multi-week birth course like the one Sarah offers¬†regardless of what your birth plans look like. (Sarah also encapsulated my placenta after Maggie was born, and we talk more about that in this episode!)

Sarah is a mother of three and has been a doula for several years, and I know you’ll love this episode as she shares why she became a doula, defines the career for those who might be unfamiliar with the services a doula offers, talks a bit about her own birth experiences, and a whole lot more. I also included a couple of listener-submitted questions at the end of our chat, so be sure to stick around to hear those!

During the podcast, Sarah referenced a couple of resources that I wanted to call out here:

Also, be sure you check out Natural Baby Doulas’ website and their Facebook page!

Okay, ready to hear from Sarah? Here we go!:

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