Marco Polo: My New Favorite Way To Stay Connected To Friends And Family

I’ve shared about Marco Polo within my Friday Favorites recently, but felt like it deserved its own post. Why? Because this social connection app has become a big part of my life in a good way, and has helped me feel closer with friends and family after just a few weeks of using it.

I love Instagram Stories and the way they let us share snapshots of our everyday lives, and get a peek into others’ routines as well. But I find that Stories seem a little one sided, even when they spark exchanges between the poster and the viewer. I love FaceTime because it allows us to connect with people we love in a video context a in real-time conversation, but having a FaceTime call means both parties need to be available at the same time.

Enter Marco Polo: The perfect intersection between these two things.


If you’re not familiar with Marco Polo, here’s a quick description:

It’s a video-based app that allows you to send recorded messages to other people who use the app. You can send messages to a single recipient or you can set up groups so that several people can be included in an exchange. You’re alerted when there’s a new video waiting for you, but unlike a FaceTime call you can watch it whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s even better than texting as far as not being disruptive, because your phone doesn’t buzz when you get a new Polo.

I started using Marco Polo in mid-July and can honestly say it’s already improved my relationship with a few friends, which sounds like an exaggerated thing to say, but it’s not. I have ongoing exchanges with my mom and my sister (we have had a group text going for, well, forever, but this is even more fun!), with a group of friends from high school, with two friends I used to work with and see all the time but don’t get to nearly as much anymore, with my Beautycounter team, and several friends individually as well. I love it because it’s ideal for the multitasker in me. I often record a message while I’m getting ready in the morning, for example.

You can use the medium to be lighthearted and fun — sharing a video of your child, for example — or to be heavier and really dig into topics, allowing for a back and forth narrative as you each record responses. I look forward to using the app every day. My high school friends and I have even started a question of the day for us each to answer, ranging from jewelry preferences to bucket list travel destinations to traditions we want to expose our children to as they grow up. The questions always spark fun conversation, and of course we weave in lots of other topics, too.

This post isn’t sponsored, by the way. It’s just me sharing my intense love for this technology, which has made my life better. (And isn’t that technology at its best?)

If you’re a Marco Polo fan, too, I’d love to hear what you think about the app! And if this post inspires you to try it out, please find me on the app (Anna Keller — you’ll see a photo of Maggie and me) and send me a Polo. That would make my day!


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