Maggie Monday (August 6, 2018)

Today, while driving Maggie to her sitter’s house, I asked her, “Maggie-girl, do you know how much I love you?” Her response, “Yeah!” She’d never said “Yeah!” before. 🙂 This age is SO much fun, because it’s full of new things — new words, new skills, new interests — just about every day. It’s amazing how fast Maggie is soaking in the world around her. She loves putting on my bracelets, and likes to be included in the getting ready portion of the morning by having her OWN makeup brush to play with.


Last night, Maggie tried her first ever donut! (It was a donut hole, actually — we’re going to start small there.) I love this series of photos, even though it’s hard to tell if she loved it or hated it. (For the record, she LOVED it.)

Let’s see…other updates. She continues to LOVE to read, and will frequently bring us books and then scoot back to sit on our laps. It never gets old. She will typically let us read about 3/4 of the book before taking it so SHE can read it to US, which is my favorite part.

She is still such a good eater, and will eat anything we give her (including stuffed grape leaves and black olives). She also LOVES smoothies, and even though she has her own Maggie-sized cup, she MUCH prefers drinking my smoothies, which are just about as big as she is.


We made it through the series of insanely rainy days we had recently and were very thankful for our raincoats! (Thanks again, Aunt Susan!)

The theme of the weekend was FRIENDS, and Maggie had a blast. We spent Saturday afternoon with her birth class buddies, Matthew and Isaac, and their moms, who came to our house to play and make pizza (yum!). I neglected to take a single photo, but trust me when I say there was some major cuteness happening at our place. Then on Sunday, we met up with some friends who live in Baltimore but have family in Greensboro at Triad Park in Kernersville, and we had a great time playing all morning. On Sunday afternoon, my friend Watson and her two girls hung out with Maggie while I taught and took Pure Barre, and Maggie had the best time — and learned a few new “tricks”!

Happy Monday!

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