Friday Favorites (August 3, 2018)

Happy first Friday in August!

It’s been a good week (despite my inability to fall asleep most nights), and Maggie and I have a fun weekend ahead of us. (Kevin is out of town, so it’s just us girls for the next few days.)

Oh, one quick thing before we move on to favorites: I posted a few Instagram Stories last night sharing a concept I’ve been thinking about for the curiouser & curiouser community. I want to be intentional about the elements I add, and try to make them things you will benefit from. If you haven’t checked out my Stories from last night yet, I would love it if you’d head over there and give me your thoughts.)

Okay, favorites this week.

Well, two came as a result of last night, when I went downtown (for the first time in longer than I’d like to admit) with my friend Micheal for dinner and a concert:

  1. We ate at a brand new Indian restaurant on 4th Street (where The Honey Pot used to be, for you locals) called Mystic Ginger, and it’s AMAZING. I got the dal saag and the only disappointing thing about the experience was not being able to take leftovers home with me (since we were going directly to the show afterward).
  2. We then headed to the Stevens Center (I’d NEVER been there — what??) to see Josh Ritter perform an acoustic show. He’s one of my favorites, and I’d seen him twice before but never in this acoustic style. It was so, so fun, and hearing so much of his music last night reminded me of what a beautifully talented songwriter he is. (If you’ve never listed to “The Temptation of Adam,” stop what you’re doing and check it out.)

More faves this week! Ready?:


  • I’ve been on the search for the perfect bar necklace since my beloved one from Handpicked broke. (They no longer carry it. Noooo!) I finally conducted a Google Images search (WHAT did people do before the internet?) and this version from new-to-me brand Made By Mary is looking pretttttty darn similar to the one I’m wearing in the photo below, don’t you think? (And look at that teeny Maggie-girl!) I may be getting this soon!


  • I got a new pair of jeans from Nordstrom this past week and am loving them. (They do stretch out a bit as you wear them, so size down!) I think the wash, the distressing, and the hem are perfect, and the price point is great as well. (Oh, and don’t forget that you can always head over to the Shop section of my blog to see updates on clothes, baby items, etc. that I’m enjoying!)



I hope your first weekend in August is a wonderful one! (If you’re going to be on the road at all, just wanted to remind you that I have a new podcast episode I posted earlier this week with Drea of Oh Dear Drea in case you’d like to check that out!)

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