14 Random Thoughts On A Night When I Can’t Sleep

Ugh, those nights where you just can’t fall asleep are the absolute worst, and I’ve been experiencing tons of them lately (tonight being one of them!). It’s so frustrating to be super tired and to try to do all the right things to wind down for the night (wash my face, try not to be on my phone too much, get my essential oils going in the diffuser, maybe read a bit, etc.) and yet find yourself WIDE AWAKE at 1 a.m.

I’ve been in this position before, so thought why not embrace the awakeness and share a few random thoughts with y’all to pass the time? Ready for an all-over-the-place list? Let’s do it:

1.I’m thinking a midnight snack is in order. Maybe a banana and almond butter. We have tons of bananas right now, but none are at my preferred level of ripeness (VERY yellow, ideally juuuuust starting to brown in some areas). Who am I kidding? I really just want the almond butter. Or actually, a cookie. I wish I had one of these downstairs!

2. As always, I’m trying to come up with some good subjects for upcoming podcast episodes. Have a suggestion on an interesting person or topic I should cover? Let me know!

3. Every time I look at my to-do list I’m reminded that I haven’t quite finished Maggie’s baby book yet. It goes through the first year of her life (essentially), and I made it to 10 or 11 months right alongside her but somehow just haven’t touched it since then. I need to just finish the thing!

4. Speaking of my to-do list…these days I feel like I cross one thing off and add, oh, five more. It feels exhausting sometimes.

5. My favorite essential oil these days is doTERRA’s Balance oil. For fellow oil users: What are some (either blends or single oils) that you recommend, and what do you like using them for?

6. I’m contemplating getting another ear piercing on my left ear. I already have a cartilage piercing, but kind of love the idea of getting another one on that same ear, either a second cartilage one or a piercing midway down the ear (something like one of the below images). I have no idea why this is on my mind, but what do you think? I’m too old for that nonsense? It would be cute? Not worth my time? Yes, for sure? Please weigh in… 🙂 (P.S. According to Google, the “midway down the ear” piercing is called a conch piercing and is apparently quite painful. But I think it’s CUTE!)


7. I’ve been reading this book over the past week or so, and it’s SO GOOD! I’m nearly done with it and really want to finish it, but for some reason when I’m up THIS late I just can’t focus on a book. But soon! I’ll finish it soon. (Oh, and in case you’re looking for some book recommendations, you can always follow along with what I’ve been reading on Instagram.)

8. Is it time for that snack yet…?

9. I wonder what kind of animals need the least amount of sleep.

10. Y’all. I am DYING to see this movie! It’s currently playing at our local arts movie theater, and I’m so hopeful Kevin and I can make it there before it’s gone.

11. Confession: I’m never super great about meal planning/prep. My approach is to have lots of go-to elements on hand that I can easily throw together into either a salad or stir fry. For weeknight dinners, I gravitate toward things that are super quick and easy, and often end up getting really repetitive. I need to mix things up some, so any quick and easy “recipes” or favorite dishes would be appreciated. (I also really love weeks like this one when I get a Green Chef shipment. It helps me be FAR more creative with dinner, and I enjoy the prep then for some reason.)

12. I have a new element to the blog that I’m interested to get your thoughts on. Maybe I need a focus group to run this idea by.. Hmm. (Any takers?)

13. Oh, one to-do list item of mine is to set up an Instagram sale for some clothing items I don’t wear enough to justify keeping. Stay tuned for details! I just need to, you know, actually DO IT — choose the clothes, take the photos, etc. Le sigh. I’ll get there eventually. Maybe even this weekend!

14. When I’m up late like this, I often start online shopping. Never a good thing. But so very fun. (For example, did you know S’well makes tumblers? I had no idea, and I love them, especially this marble one.)

Okay, off to actually get my snack. Or to be too lazy to do that and lie in bed hoping sleep will find me soon. Regardless, I’m signing off here. Night, friends!

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