curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 17 (Connecting With Oh Dear Drea)

I’ve been reading the blog Oh Dear Drea for at least four years, and so getting to connect with Drea, the woman behind the blog, for my latest podcast episode was almost surreal.


There I was, chatting via Skype with this person who I know a ton about, thanks to her blog. I know that her daughter, Marlowe, is a total bookworm. That she’s been dealing with the intestinal disease C. diff for the past few years. That she loves hats. That she’s a cookbook author. That she subsists largely on fruit. That her style — both as it relates to clothing and interior design — trends toward the colorful and bohemian. That she’s super funny, and shares really fun stuff (and her interesting travels and other adventures) on her Instagram Stories.


And then I got to talk to her in real time, which was such a treat.

I’m a blogger, too (duh — you’re READING my blog right now!), and so talking with other bloggers is always something I enjoy. Talking with bloggers who have a far broader reach than I do — like Drea, who currently has 55.6k Instagram followers — is especially interesting for me, because it’s helpful to hear things about the evolution of their blog, where their content ideas come from, and where they see their blog headed in the future. I always feel like I learn things and glean inspiration.


I admire Drea’s approach to her blog in a big way, because I think she’s achieved what I’m going for with my content as well: authenticity. She uses her blog (and other channels) to share her life with people, and she is incredibly discerning about the brands she aligns with and the types of things she writes about. I have so much respect for her staying true to herself throughout.

Here on curiouser & curiouser, you’ll find content that’s all over the place. Some could define it as unfocused, but I prefer to define it as multi-faceted. After all, we each have many interests and areas of expertise, and so my blog is meant to reflect that broadness that is so very human. Drea shares the same mindset with her blog, which makes me love it even more. She also, as you’ll hear in this podcast episode, isn’t 100% sure where things will be headed next with her blog, mainly because she has so many ideas and interests running through her head. This was something I found to be comforting, because I struggle with the same thing. I sit down to think about how to grow this community (or, on a broader scale, to make changes in my life), and I think of several “maybes,” but from there have trouble figuring out which road to go down. It’s nice to be reminded I’m not alone. 🙂


But enough writing — let’s switch to listening! In this podcast episode, Drea and I talked about the dietary changes she’s made to help combat her C. diff, what her family’s experience has been homeschooling Marlowe for the past few months, the travels her family has taken recently, and a whole lot more. Ready to listen? Here we go!:

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