Maggie Monday (July 30, 2018)

Maggie and I spent the weekend at the beach for our sixth (!!!) annual girls’ beach trip with our friends Watson and Micheal and Watson’s two daughters. Maggie loved playing with the big girls, and adored the sand at the beach! (It rained a TON, but we were lucky to get some good beach time in on Saturday afternoon.)

Because it rained, we spent lots of time indoors and had a blast there, too! We watched lots of movies, played Uno, did puzzles, and just enjoyed being together. (Oh, and how adorable is her new Vida Rose Co. bow? I love it!)

Oh, also worth sharing: Maggie is getting better and better at her spoon skills, and likes to be in charge of her meals more these days. She gets so proud of herself!

I’m so thankful she’s mine, every single day.

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