Friday Favorites (April 6, 2018)

I was incredibly fortunate to have spent the last few days in Austin, Texas, attending the WorkHuman Conference, an event focused on making work a more, well, HUMAN place. It seems like such a simple concept, but relatively speaking there are so few companies really nailing this practice, and it’s inspiring to hear about those that are really pushing for change across various industries.

In addition to attracting an open-minded, eager-to-learn group of attendees, WorkHuman 2018 featured a ridiculously impressive line-up of speakers. Between Monday and Thursday, I saw the following people speak:

  • Brené Brown (This was a complete and total bucket list experience for me, as Brené is someone I’ve admired and looked to for wisdom and guidance for a few years now. She was just as profound as I could have hoped when I heard her speak on Monday.)
  • Salma Hayek Pinault (I didn’t know a ton about Salma, but goodness is she an impressive person! The work she’s done to move the needle for Latino actors is truly commendable.)
  • Amal Clooney (She’s just as stunning as you’d imagine, both physically and intellectually.)
  • Simon Sinek (I’d watched some of his TED Talks, but seeing Simon in person is truly captivating.)
  • Shawn Achor (A new favorite of mine, Shawn studies happiness, and I can’t wait to read one of his books.)
  • Tarana Burke (founder of the #MeToo movement), Ashley Judd, and Ronan Farrow (These three were all speaking on a panel about #MeToo, and the conversation was meaningful and came at the issue from a variety of perspectives. Adam Grant led the discussion.)

Impressive, huh? (And those were just the keynote speakers!) So anyway, I’m coming down from a bit of a high after all that wisdom, eloquence, and focus on humanity.

Oh, Friday Favorites! Right. Well, in addition to the whole week at WorkHuman, which was far and away my favorite (minus the fact that Kevin and Maggie were back in North Carolina), here are some other things I’ve been loving:


  • A friend sent me a copy of The Glass Castle: A Memoir just before my trip to Austin (thanks, Carty!), and I flew through this compelling (true) tale during my flights to and from Texas. It’s hard to believe Jeanette Walls’ childhood was as transient and difficult as she outlines, and she’s able to articulate her strange upbringing and dysfunctional (yet still dimensional) parents in the most compelling way. I’d definitely recommend picking up this book.



  • Speaking of a post-travel routine, I have been enjoying Kimberly Snyder’s Detoxy+ after I’ve been off my typical schedule for a few days. It adds oxygen to magnesium to gently cleanse your digestive system, helping you feel more like yourself if you’ve been eating different things or just feel off.


Happy almost weekend!

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