Maggie Monday (April 9, 2018)

I don’t have a ton of photos to share of Maggie-girl from the past week, because I was in Austin, Texas, for a conference (an AMAZING one!) while Kevin and Maggie were back here in North Carolina.

I do have a few adorable photos to share (mostly of our weekend together, including one from a birthday party — one of two! — we attended on Saturday), but I wanted to use the majority of this post to talk about what an incredible partner I have in Kevin.

From the start, we have been 50/50 parents. (That was always the plan, and it’s been completely true at our house.) Before Maggie was born, we talked about the priorities we each had — things we wanted to make sure we were able to keep doing to allow us to be the best versions of ourselves we could be, for each other and for our daughter — and we’ve worked hard to make those priority things happen for each other over the past year.

Most weekday mornings, I either take or teach Pure Barre at 6 a.m., and Kevin gets Maggie up and going. Then I come home and “tag in” so Kevin can go to the gym. I finish getting Maggie ready and drop her at her sitter’s house on my way to work. (Kevin picks her up each evening.) Kevin is with Maggie a couple of nights a week to allow me to teach Pure Barre, and then we make sure to carve out time for Kevin to have some time to himself a couple of nights a week (to go to the gym, meet a friend for a drink, etc.) while I spend time with Maggie.

I love that when I leave town there’s no list to make for Kevin. He knows the drill. We both do. He knows where her clothes are, what her favorite book is, which sippy cup she prefers, what to pack in her diaper bag — all that everyday stuff. Sure, it’s much easier when we’re both in town to help juggle the responsibilities, but we’re able to keep things running smoothly when the other person is gone for a few days. Both of us genuinely enjoy being parents, and we love spending time with Maggie. I’m so grateful that’s true.

So thank you, Kevin, for being such a wonderfully supportive husband, and for being such a great dad to Maggie. I love watching the two of you together. I knew my love for you would grow when I saw you become a father and that’s most certainly been the case. Maggie and I are so lucky to be your girls!

Oh, right — I promised some more Maggie photos, didn’t I? Here you go!:


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