Bathing Suit Wish List

It’s that time again, y’all: swimsuit season! (I know — it always sneaks up on me, too.)

But the good news is twofold: warm weather is on the horizon (yayyyy!) and there are LOTS of cute suits to choose from this year!

Here are a few of the styles I’m drawn to this season:

  • I want to start with this suit from UK Swimwear, because it’s one I own! I LOVE the style of this suit, because it’s a two-piece that’s so very mom friendly. Because the top is more like a sports bra, it will stay in place even if you’re carrying a baby around beach- or poolside. Despite being functional, it’s SO cute. (Size reference: I went with a UK10 and it fits great! I usually wear a Small in U.S. suits.)




  • Looking for a fun take on a one piece? I LOVE this one!:



  • One more one piece? Why not? (This one might be my favorite of them all…):


  • Okay, maybe THIS one is my top one-piece pick. (How to choose?):


  • This one is so sporty and fun. (I have an L-Space suit and am so impressed with their quality!):


  • Fun fact: I went to college with the girls who started this bathing suit brand, Kay & Elle. This top is SO cute:

Which do you like? Which should I go with? So many cute choices!
















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