My Favorite Bralettes

I’ve mentioned my bralette love on my blog before, but wanted to revisit the topic since it’s one I’m passionate about. (Being “passionate about” a bra style sounds a bit extreme, I realize. So maybe we’ll just say I’m a big fan of the bralette*. A really big fan.)

Why so much love? Well:

  • They’re SO COMFORTABLE. These are basically sports bras, but ones that are acceptable to wear with any kind of clothing. Think of them as the leggings equivalent to bras.
  • They’re pretty. I love the delicate, feminine look of bralettes.
  • They’re versatile. They look just a lovely (and appropriate) with a casual outfit as they do with a fancy one. I LOVED using my bralettes as nursing bras, too!
  • They make worrying about bra straps showing a thing of the past. In fact, it looks great if you see your bralette strap, because I think they tend to add to the look of an outfit. (They just look like a pretty tank top beneath.)
    • NOTE: I’m super picky about my bralette style for this fourth reason. I never buy bralettes with adjustable straps, because I think that makes them look more like regular bras (meaning the straps — at least the portion with the adjustment element — shouldn’t show). I realize this means you’re not able to customize the fit quite as much, but I’m a stickler about the no adjustable straps rule. Personally, I haven’t run into any fit issues as a result.

*I’ve heard from lots of my, ahem, more well-endowed friends that bralettes don’t provide the amount of support they need, so just keep that in mind. For reference, my bra size is 34B, and for me bralettes are plenty supportive, but if you’re a larger size they might not be right for you in an everyday kind of way like they are for me.

Are you on board? Okay! Let’s proceed with some of my favorite styles:

  • Hands down, my go-to bralette brand is Aerie. (Caveat: You HAVE to shop online. They have far more styles on the website than they do in the store.) My very favorite styles (ones I reach for day after day) are the Boho Racerback and the Boho Bandeau (the best strapless bra ever!). I don’t have the Chill Seamless High Neck, but it might be my next purchase. Too cute! (Side note: Aerie also has adorable bathing suits. I’ll do a roundup of cute swimsuits soon, so stay tuned!)
  • The Alo Deluxe Sports Bra is, as the name suggests, technically a sports bra, but I have it and love wearing it in outside of the Pure Barre studio, too! It comes in so many cute colors. (I have it in black, but want it in both the blue and pink, too!)

If you’re a fellow bralette lover, what are some of your favorite brands or styles?

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