curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 8 (Interior Design With Laura Holby)

I met Laura Holby through Pure Barre (something I have a feeling you’re going to hear me say often throughout episodes of this podcast, because I meet so many wonderful people at the studio!), and immediately wanted her to be my friend. Laura’s just LIKABLE. She’s approachable and funny and put together — she’s a joy to be around.

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She’s also, as it turns out, excellent at interior design.

I remember seeing newborn photos after Laura’s son Beau was born (fun fact: he’s just a little over a month younger than Maggie-girl!) and being in awe of her home. It was GORGEOUS. A magazine-worthy house, but also so inviting and cozy looking.

It wasn’t long after that newborn photo session, in fact, that Laura decided to pull the trigger on starting a design company — something she’d been considering for years and felt the time was right to go for — and Dear, Gabby Designs (initially Holby Co. Interiors) was born.

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Laura sat down to talk with me about her love of design, where she goes for inspiration, what it’s been like starting her own business, and more. Whether you’re interested in design or are someone who likes to hear about people pursuing their goals and figuring out the details along the way, you’ll appreciate Laura’s perspective in this episode.

(Oh, and you should go ahead and follow Dear, Gabby Designs on Instagram, and prepare for some swoon-worthy content to start popping up in your feed!)



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