curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 9 (Skincare FAQs)

How our skin looks has a big impact on the way we feel, and yet sometimes it can be hard to know how to make it look its best. We probably all have habits (some good, some not so great) we developed as adolescents as it relates to skincare, and hopefully those have evolved a bit through the years (as we’ve learned more and as our skin’s needs have changed). Still, lots of us deal with frustrating skin issues or just general skin-related questions:

-Why am I still getting breakouts as an adult?
-Why does my skin remain tight and dry no matter how much moisturizer I slather onto it?
-Is it really THAT bad to go to sleep with my makeup on from time to time?

From a personal standpoint, I’ve become much more interested in and knowledgable about skincare since becoming a Beautycounter consultant a little over a year ago. (I love things like that — where you start to learn about a topic and then just become hungry to know as much as possible.)


This episode features input from two skincare experts who are go-tos in my own life, Janine Berard and Sondie Blackmon. We aren’t talking skincare brands in particular, but instead sat down to talk about common skincare issues and questions, and they offer some great advice. I hope you’ll find this episode interesting and informative, and if you’d like to connect with Janine you can do that at, and Sondie can be reached at



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