Village Juice: Winston-Salem’s Best New (& Healthy!) Restaurant

First things first: Winston friends — Have you tried Village Juice Co. yet? If not, make a mental note to do so ASAP. Like, plan to grab lunch there today, even. You need to try this place. (It’s located off of Stratford Road, right across the street from Thruway, in the same shopping center as Zoe’s Kitchen and Brynn’s Frozen Yogurt.)


I’ve been a fan of Village Juice since it started, and enjoyed getting to know its founder, Lonnie Atkinson, through shared connections at Pure Barre. Initially, Village Juice sold what its name implies: juice. Cold-pressed, super healthy, stupidly delicious juice. You could find their product at the Cobblestone Farmers Market and at their juice truck by the Krankies Airstream.


Recently, though, the company expanded to a dedicated restaurant space and extended their menu to include not just their amazing juices and almond milks but also smoothies, smoothie bowls (thicker smoothies topped with fruit, nuts, and other deliciousness), toasts, salads, grain bowls, and amazing healthy desserts.


I was lucky to get an up-close view of Village Juice Co.’s restaurant as it was being developed. The ad agency I work for, The Variable, helped Village Juice with some branding elements for the new space, and so I got to spend lots of time learning about their ingredients, mission, menu items, and more. I was giddy with excitement for this place to open. Winston-Salem just doesn’t have anything else quite like it — and it was about time we did!


So yeah — check this place out, please. The people behind the company are amazing. The food is incredible (both its taste and quality), and you can feel good about anything you order doing really great things for your body.


Thanks for bringing such a great healthy food option to our community, Village Juice!

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