curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 3 (Health Coach & Author Simi Botic)

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Do y’all have those people you follow on social media who you feel a weirdly strong connection with despite never having met in real life? Those people who you just know you’d be friends with if you, you know, lived in the same city and also actually knew each other (minor detail)?

For me, one of those people is Simi Botic, who I got to talk to for this latest episode of my podcast. (Yes, that’s right. Now we are kind of real friends. I’m so, so excited.)


But I’m not just excited for me — I’m excited for you guys, too! After all, you get to listen to this conversation, and glean from the wisdom Simi has to share (something I’ve enjoyed doing since discovering her on social media several months ago). She has this infectious laugh and gentle, inviting spirit that I think you’ll pick up on right away.

So who is Simi, exactly? She’s someone who — like me — has struggled with issues related to food and perfectionism in her life. (I shared here on my blog a few months ago about my experience with an eating disorder, in case you’d like to read about that.) After dealing with her own food issues, Simi wanted to be able to help other women dealing with similar things, so she became a health coach (and she’ll speak to what exactly that means — both in general and in her case — in this episode). She also wrote an amazing book called Letting Go Of Leo: How I Broke Up With Perfectionism that was released earlier this year and is AMAZING. (If it sounds familiar, it may be because I’ve raved about it here on my blog already.) Simi’s also mom to an adorable 18-month-old boy, Osh (follow her on Instagram for baby cuteness galore), AND is a barre super-fan/teacher like me. (See? Destined to be besties.)

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Thank you, Simi, for being a part of The curiouser & curiouser Podcast! 🙂

(Oh, and if you missed my first or second episodes of the podcast, I’d love for you to check those out, too! Thanks so much for listening. It means so very much!)

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