curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 2 (Essential Oils Intro With Tricia Sheehan)

curiouser & curiouser Podcast is back with its second episode! (If you missed my pilot, where I talked with Brittany McGee of The Humble Bee Shoppe bakery about vegan baking, check it out here.)

Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with Tricia Sheehan about essential oils. As a newbie to the world of essential oils myself, Tricia (who lives here in Winston-Salem) has been an extremely helpful resource for me as I navigate this new-to-me landscape.

If you’re like me, essential oils are most certainly on your radar, and you’ve likely had some form of interaction with them, but you aren’t clear on their huge range of benefits, nor are they a part of your everyday life. (For me, they were something I mainly came into contact with while getting a massage. From time to time — especially toward the end of my pregnancy — I’d use lavender to help me sleep and in a bath to help me relax.) But I knew there was more to these plant-based oils, and I wanted to learn more. Tricia is helping me to do just that!

In our household, thankfully we aren’t dealing with any major health issues, but Kevin does have difficulty sleeping, and he and I both suffer from seasonal allergies, so I’m looking forward to having oils to help combat both of those issues. I’ve already started using a blend called On Guard on Maggie (topically and through a diffuser at night) to help keep her immune system strong during this season where there are so many bugs floating around.

In today’s podcast, Tricia talks to us about what essential oils actually are, how to get over the “where do I start?” stage, why it’s important to know where your oils come from, and lots more. Enjoy!:

Oh, and if you’d like to connect with Tricia to start a conversation about integrating oil into your life, you can email her at or join her Facebook group, Empowered & Healthy. (I’ve loved being a part of her Facebook community, and love the helpful information she regularly shares there.)


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