Friday Favorites (February 16, 2018)

It’s Friday, and my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are coming to visit this weekend. What a good day!!!

Speaking of good…I have lots of fun stuff to share in this Friday Favorites post. Ready? Let’s get to it!:

  • Kevin and I were in Richmond last fall and went to a craft fair where we saw these earrings. Months later, Kevin remembered that I’d loved them and got them for me for Valentine’s Day. He’s pretty amazing like that. (And these earrings are as pretty as I’d remembered!)


  • This warm-ish weather we’ve been having in Winston is getting me excited for spring and summer to get here already! (Chilly weather will be back this weekend, but for now, bring on the warm weather dreams. And how cute is this romper? WANT!)


  • Guys. I’m in love with these black bean brownies, and can’t quit making them! You have to try them — they’re SO easy, fudgy, and, for a sweet treat, pretty healthy.


  • If you missed it earlier this week, I published my third podcast episode, which was a conversation with health coach, author, fellow mama and barre lover, and all around amazing person Simi Botic. Take a listen! (Oh, and my podcast is now available via iTunes. Ahhhh! Please subscribe if you’re a podcast listener through that platform!)



  • I’m a firm believer that these Post-Its are the best there are. They’re ideal for to-do lists and just notes in general. (Get the unlined version — very essential!) They also pair perfectly with my very favorite pens…)


  • And, last but not least, I had one of Mellow Mushroom’s Greek salads for lunch this week (I added jerk tempeh), and it was incredible. Just a quick reminder for those of you who have had this salad before, and a heads up if you haven’t. So tasty!

Have a great weekend!



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