Maggie Monday (February 19, 2018)

The highlight of last week, by far, was a visit from Maggie’s cousin Benjamin and his parents, Susan and Marty! We loved having the Schmids here in Winston-Salem over the weekend, and seeing these babies together was such a joy. It’s the first time they’ve been together since they’ve both been mobile, so things were even MORE fun with these busy little ones!

We are now officially petitioning for the Schmid family to relocate to Winston-Salem.

Other Maggie updates include:

  • The emerging of her third tooth, which has broken through and will make an evident appearance soon
  • She got her first sticker! 🙂


  • Her newfound love of green smoothies thanks to now being able to drink from a straw (that’s my girl!)


  • She continues to be happy and so very sweet (and now that she’s so on the move, I treasure these moments when she’s still and snuggly!)
  • She LOVES her daddy (smart girl!), and “Dada!” is heard often at our house these days (with an occasional “Mama” thrown in there too, which melts my heart)


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