Ask Anna: Do You Use ALL Beautycounter Products For Skincare & Makeup?

I’m excited to add another post to the Ask Anna series today! (As a reminder, I LOVE getting questions from readers to address in this section of my blog. It can be a question about me/my family or just something more general you’re wondering about and would like me to dig into. If you have an Ask Anna request, you can submit that here.)

Today I’m addressing a question I get from time to time: Do you use ALL Beautycounter products when it comes to your skincare and makeup?

It’s a good question, and one I’m excited to dig into. So let’s get to it!

First, as a level set (and the reason I got this question): I’m a Beautycounter consultant. You likely know that if you’re a curiouser & curiouser reader, or if you follow me on Instagram. Okay, NOW let me answer the question at hand…

Yes, the vast majority of my skincare and makeup products are Beautycounter — and for good reason!

Here’s why that’s the case:

Most importantly, Beautycounter products are made with safe ingredients. The same can’t be said for nearly all personal care products out there (which is why Beautycounter exists at all, in fact — to help change that reality here in the U.S.). Beautycounter is truly setting the bar when it comes to safe products and obsessive screening of every single batch of product. Now that I know all I do about the importance of reducing our exposure to toxins like parabens, PFAS, phthalates and SO MANY MORE, choosing products made with safe ingredients is extremely important to me. With Beautycounter, I can check that box with confidence!

Not only are they safe — they work amazingly well, too! This piece is huge. I love that I can use Beautycounter products and feel great about their safety BUT that I also don’t have to sacrifice performance. Safe products are so important, but if a product doesn’t perform…where does that leave you?

I’m busy (just like you are), and minimizing overwhelm and choice is huge. I like to do research into different categories to ensure I’m choosing a company I feel good about, and then once I try and love their products, I often stick with that brand for ease (and also because I like to be brand loyal when it comes to brands I respect). Although I like trying other clean skincare and makeup brands from time to time, it’s so efficient to know I can grab any Beautycounter product and know it will A) be safe and B) do what it’s supposed to do. Fewer decisions and less research? I’m here for it!

Sustainability is a huge focus. Between refillable products, thoughtful packaging, and big goals to take things even further with sustainability in the coming years, Beautycounter is absolutely a leader in this space as well. In fact, in 2021 Beautycounter received the Good Housekeeping Sustainable Innovation Award, which honors products and brands that are making true innovative strides towards a more sustainable future.

Beautycounter aligns with my values. Not only is Beautycounter making clean products, through their consultant network the brand is also educating others about the importance of paying attention to what’s in personal care products AND advocating for change at the legislative level. Beautycounter’s goal is that one day all beauty will be clean beauty, and I’m proud to support a brand with such a noble vision. (I went to D.C. last week to join forces with 200 other consultants as we shared our brand’s mission with members of Congress. It was the most amazing experience to be part of something so significant!)

It’s a B Corp — my favorite kind of company to support. I mentioned above that Beautycounter aligns with my values, and another proof point of that is their B Corp status. The “B” in “B Corp” stands for benefit, and to be certified a brand must consider people, the planet, and profits equally. A company has to meet stringent standards to be named a B Corp, and then they’re reevaluated every three years. Scores are based things like environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. In 2021 Beautycounter achieved their highest B Corp score ever: 97.7!

I want to try as many things as possible so I can share them from a personal experience perspective. Since I’m a consultant and am constantly recommending Beautycounter products to customers, it helps me to have used the products so I can speak to them first hand! Though not every product is a home run for me (for example, the Think Big Mascara runs on me, so I use a different clean mascara), I genuinely love just about every single product from the brand. That said, you can always count on me to be honest about my experience — and happy to share other clean brands/products I’ve had success with! (Here are a few.)

The consultant discount makes it easy to stock my bathroom with Beautycounter! As a consultant, I get 25% off personal purchases (with the opportunity to save even more on other products throughout the year). That discount, combined with everything I’ve already mentioned above, makes it a no brainer to make this my go-to brand when it comes to skincare, makeup, and other personal care (including SPF, bath products, deodorant, and lotions).

I hope that helps answer this question! I have so much love for this brand (which I think is evident from this post), and that affection and admiration extends FAR beyond the products and their performance. I feel fortunate to be part of a brand with such a strong mission, and sharing Beautycounter — and clean living in general — is such a joy. (If you’d like to get some specific product recommendations based on YOUR skin, by the way, you can complete my brief skincare survey and I’ll follow up via email!)

Have a question to submit for the next Ask Anna post? (Remember: It can be about anything…) Fire away!

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