curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 44 (Chatting With Kacie Mintz Of Lollies Lactation)

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This was a particularly memorable episode to record, because my guest, Kacie, had her baby with her and at the time we recorded baby birdie was just four days old!

Talk about the perfect guest to have her newborn with her, though, since this episode was all about Kacie and her lactation support business, Lollies Lactation. I think this is an important one to listen to if you’re pregnant or if you have a baby and are navigating breastfeeding – whether or not you’re currently having challenges with it. It’s so helpful to know where to get support and ask questions if you need to. (Be sure to follow Lollies Lactation on Instagram, too. Kacie always shares lots of helpful pieces of info there, as well as more details about the support she offers AND her new program Birdie at the Breast, where she’ll share real workshops with her baby girl to create amazingly helpful content!)

During this episode, we talked some about my first breastfeeding experience with my daughter, Maggie. I’d planned to breastfeed for a year, but went into that journey with very few tools, all things considered. Then when we ran into supply issues and other challenges, rather than asking for help I tried to deal with it on my own – I think due to a combination of pride and not feeling like we needed to spend money on lactation support, which can be expensive. That troubleshooting didn’t work, which resulted in me ending my breastfeeding journey with Maggie far earlier than I’d planned. The whole experience was incredibly defeating, and I wish I’d reached out to someone like Kacie during it.

Also, great news – Kacie shared during this episode that she’s now able to accept health insurance, so that cost hurtle is no longer there for most clients. I loved hearing that!

Okay, ready to hear Kacie talk about the kinds of support she offers, her personal challenges with breastfeeding and how that led to her passion for helping others, a little more about my two – very different — breastfeeding experiences, and more? Let’s dive in!:

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