curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 43 (Talking Addiction With Erin Bahadur Of Erin’s Inside Job)

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I’m so excited to share this conversation with you via this podcast episode. It’s with someone I know thanks to Instagram, Erin Bahadur. I started following Erin after I read a beautifully poignant post about parenting on The Everymom that she’d written about a year ago now. She had her second baby just a couple of months before my son, Vance, was born, and so we were navigating the postpartum period at the same time and we were both adjusting to adding a second kiddo to the mix, and I felt so grateful to be able to get a peek into someone else’s journey that looked similar to mine in many ways.

I began reading Erin’s blog, Erin’s Inside Job, and was struck by her willingness to share her life. I shouldn’t have been surprised, because she’s incredibly open on Instagram as well. On both platforms, a theme she talks about is addiction, and I read about her story dealing with serious drug addiction – addiction that ultimately led to time in prison. I found her story to be incredibly powerful as well as really important. After all, so many of us deal with addiction in one of its many forms (either firsthand or watching someone we love struggle with it), and so talking about it is HUGE. Reminding others that they aren’t alone and that there’s hope beyond addiction can be the light they need to get through it. Also, doing the work to uncover the root cause of addiction is key to breaking those addictive behaviors, and we dug into that — as well as things we hope to do to help our children bypass addiction — in our conversation.

I’ll let Erin tell more of her story, and I’m so honored she was willing to share it with us here:

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