curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 45 (Introducing Mom League — A New Resource For Moms In Winston-Salem)

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Fellow moms of littles – or moms to be – who live in Winston-Salem: listen up. This episode is for YOU! I’m thrilled to be able to share Mom League with you here today. This is a resource our community has needed in a BIG way, and I’m so glad it’s finally available.

Mom League is a way for new moms to come together to build community and learn helpful things along the way – information that will help them navigate their parenthood journey. In a Mom League course, for example, moms will hear from experts like a lactation consultant, a pelvic floor specialist, and a counselor about postpartum depression and anxiety (among many others!). All of these folks are part of our community, too, and they’ll open the door for conversations and knowledge that can really change the game in early parenthood.

Right now, Mom League is for moms of newborns, but the plan is for it to grow to include moms of infants and toddlers as well – so definitely stay tuned for more courses to be added to the mix! In fact, go ahead and give them a follow over on Instagram to keep up with them that way. (It’s also definitely NOT just for first-time moms. As a relatively new second-time mom, I can attest to the fact that experiences can be so different from baby to baby, and the desire for and benefit of connection with moms at the same stage of parenthood doesn’t go away with subsequent kiddos.

Okay, ready to meet Annie and Kelly, the amazing mamas behind Mom League, and hear them talk even more about this great new Winston-Salem resource? Let’s do it!:

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