My Non-Beautycounter Skincare & Makeup Faves

While obviously I’m a big fan of Beautycounter products, today’s post isn’t about Beautycounter at all — even though it IS still very much in keeping with the theme of clean beauty and choosing healthier products. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite non-Beautycounter skincare and makeup tools and products that also just so happen to be safe.

Unfortunately, there’s lots of greenwashing that goes on here in the U.S., which means we can’t always rely on clean-sounding buzzwords or packaging claims to know whether a product is actually made of safe ingredients (or, perhaps more importantly, whether it leaves OUT unsafe ingredients). I love using the Environmental Working Group as a quick and easy way to check for product safety. (Here’s a great example: Wouldn’t you think a product named Tide Free & Gentle would be a safe choice for you and your family’s laundry, and maybe even a great pick for baby clothes? Think again. It scores an F with EWG — yikes!!) If you haven’t downloaded the EWG Healthy Living app yet, definitely do! You can easily search for products and categories, and you can also scan barcodes, making it a handy tool to have with you while you’re trying to make safe choices on a shopping trip.

The things I’m sharing with you today are both safe and are products I can vouch for after using them myself. I hope this is helpful!:


Let’s start here! I’ve found it helpful to incorporate a handful of tools into my skincare routine to help it work even harder for me. Those include…

Gua Sha Stone from Primally Pure: I use this along with a Beautycounter facial oil (this one, typically) to help address lines and wrinkles as well as puffiness. (Read more about my gua sha practice here!) You can also save 10% on any Primally Pure purchase any time when you use the code CURIOUSER at checkout.

Peppy Co. Cleansing Egg: I’d been looking for a vibrating silicone face tool to add a bit of extra exfoliation to my skincare routine, and I struck gold with this purchase. I started seeing softer, smoother skin after just two or three uses of my Cleansing Egg, and I love using it every day to help my cleanser work even harder for me. I love that it just takes a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening (literally just 60 seconds) and yet makes such a difference for my skin. (I apply my Beautycounter cleanser to my face and then use the Cleansing Egg to rub it in well and exfoliate gently in the process, so it’s not even adding an extra step into my skincare routine — I’m just using my cleanser a bit differently.) 

Jill Face Razor: I know what you’re thinking — shaving your face as a woman sounds really intimidating, right? (And why would you want to do it in the first place? Wouldn’t your hair grow back darker and thicker?) Actually, it’s pretty amazing! Some of the benefits of shaving your face include exfoliation, smoother skin (which makes makeup go on better, too), skin tightening and collagen production, and more. (And no — your hair won’t grow back darker and thicker.)

Wet N Wild High On Lash Eyelash Curler: This eyelash curler is wonderful, and it’s just $2.99!! You definitely don’t have to pay much for tools like this one to get great results. (Another recommendation along those lines: Always go with a cheap, drug store sharpener for your makeup pencils. They work just fine, and there’s no need to spend more on them.)


Primally Pure Face Masks: I love Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask, but I have two others from Primally Pure that are great to have in my skincare rotation: the Plumping and the Soothing masks. They feel amazing and work so well, and I feel great about the ingredients, too. (Sometimes I even “multi-mask” and use different masks on different areas of my face! For example, maybe I’ll use the Charcoal Mask on my nose to really deep clean those pores and the Primally Pure Plumping Mask on the rest of my face.) And don’t forget: Use the code CURIOUSER to save 10% on any Primally Pure order!

Dime Beauty Eyelash Boost Serum: As someone with rather wimpy eyelashes, I’m always looking for a product that can help my lashes grow. I’ve been using this on both my brows and lashes for about three months now and can definitely tell a difference!


Tarte Opening Act Eyelash Primer: Remember how I was saying I have pretty wimpy lashes? This product helps with that a TON! I use it after curling my lashes (with my $2.99 curler) and before applying my mascara, and it helps to lengthen my lashes and help my mascara go on even better. I was reminded of how much I love this primer when I accidentally forgot to use it recently and absolutely noticed a difference in the end result.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Liquid Highlighter: LC is just the best, isn’t she? I’ve only tried this single product from her new(ish) clean beauty line so far, but I love it — and it’s part of my everyday routine! I apply just a bit to my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose, blend it using my Better Blender, and enjoy the extra glow it leaves me with.

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener: I was seeing ads for this stuff all over Instagram and finally bit the bullet and ordered some. I’m so glad I did! I have the Stella (Champagne Shimmer) shade, which I use mostly as an eye brightener by applying it to my lower lash water line and the inner corners of my eye, but there are several shades, and this also works beautifully as a cream eyeshadow. That might be great news for you if you’re bummed about the fact that Beautycounter being out of stock of all eyeshadow right now (because we’re in the process of redeveloping all our powder color cosmetics). We’re supposed to have some new cream shadows available later this year, but in the meantime I absolutely recommend this eye brightener!

MILK KUSH High Volumizing Mascara: I once had a makeup artist friend tell me that mascara is the most personal item in a woman’s makeup bag — meaning she has the most opinions about her mascara than any other makeup product. I absolutely believe that, so it’s important to take any mascara recommendation with a grain of salt. Just because someone else loves it doesn’t mean it’s for you. I happen to really like our Beautycounter mascara (and if you have sensitive eyes, it’s AMAZING for that), but I got a sample of this mascara a few months ago and thought I’d give it a go, too. The verdict? I really love it!! (So many other Beautycounter consultants also really love the Ilia Limitless Lash Lengthening Mascara, so I wanted to love that one, too, but I think it’s only okay. But that’s me — YOU might love it, too!)

So there you have it — a handful of clean, non-Beautycounter products that are topping the list for me at the moment. I’d love to hear other favorites of yours, too! I’m always curious to give new clean products a try — especially when they come highly recommended.

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