curiouser & curiouser Podcast: Episode 38 (Talking Pregnancy & Childbirth From A Guy’s Perspective With My Husband, Kevin)

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I’m SO excited to share this podcast episode with y’all! My husband, Kevin, and used a portion of a recent date night to spend some kid-free time together talking about pregnancy and childbirth from Kevin’s perspective, and I love that we were able to have this conversation.

I learned things I hadn’t known before about his experience, and I really appreciate the advice he shared with other dads-to-be throughout this episode as well. We also chatted about how our approach to life tends to be a bit unconventional, not for the sake of being different but because we want to be as intentional as possible about the way we live.

I hope that if you’re in a similar life stage you’ll find this episode interesting and informative, and hopefully will leave with a helpful takeaway or two.

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