Bralettes > Real Bras. (Sharing Some Favorite Bralettes Here!)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while or following me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me talk about this topic before. After all, I’ve been a loyal (and exclusive) bralette wearer for a couple of years now, and I have loved leaving regular bras behind. (I even used them in place of traditional nursing bras while I was breastfeeding Maggie, and that worked great for me.)

If you’re more well endowed, making the switch to bralettes might prove a little challenging, but I think the key is to be discerning about which bralettes you choose if you need a little more support. (For reference, my regular bra size is 34B.)

I’ve shared some favorite bralettes here on my blog before, but alas many of those styles are no longer available, hence this post! In addition to typical bras, in this post I’m also sharing a few fitted tanks with built-in bras, because I often wear tops like that in place of a bra, and love the seamless look they give under another more loose-fitting shirt.

I get pretty picky about bralettes, and typically don’t go with the versions that have adjustable straps because then they start to look more like a regular bra which, to me, defeats much of the purpose of a bralette.

One more note before we jump into a few suggestions: I’m breaking this list down by brand/retailer, because I have a handful of go-tos when it comes to shopping bralettes. I hope that’s helpful for you as well! (Oh, and if you’re a fellow bralette aficionado and have some additional brands you adore, PLEASE let me know. I love learning about new options!) I haven’t tried all the styles I’ve listed below for myself, but I HAVE tried all the brands/retailers and can vouch for them!

Ready to talk bralettes? Let’s do this!:

aerie: This brand helped me discover my love for bralettes, and I’ve always been impressed with their broad selection. They always offer lots of great color options, too. Alas, a couple of my very favorite styles appear to have been discontinued (WHY, AERIE???), which is forcing me to branch out. It’s okay — change can be good! Here are a few styles I’m loving from their current line-up:


Urban Outfitters: They typically have lots of bralette options I love! Right now, though, I only see two I like that meet my criteria. 🙂


Free People: This brand is the epitome of feminine and etherial, so it’s no wonder they have several styles I love.


Beyond Yoga: The best part about these? They definitely double as sports bra options, too. (That’s what they’re designed to be, in fact.)


lululemon: You can’t go wrong with lulu anything. Ever.


ZYIA: I discovered this brand a few months ago and have loved it! I have the Grid Bra in both white and black — I love it THAT much. (Connect with my friend Suzy for more info on this brand!)


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