Thoughts On International Women’s Day

So technically, the theme for International Women’s Day this year is #BalanceForBetter. I appreciate that lens for sure, but I’ve been really excited to see the posts that have been floating around my Instagram feed today related to International Women’s Day.

The posts I’ve seen have been centered around women supporting women. They’ve been about celebrating one another — individually and collectively — and they’ve emphasized the importance of building each other up. I love that the posts in my feed today haven’t been messages of negativity, but of hope and love. They haven’t harped on how much ground women still have to cover, or how unfair things are, or how men are terrible. It feels appropriate: we are holding each other accountable for making our gender the best it can be, and taking ownership in that journey.

Though this is just a data point from my observation of my small circle, it feels like there’s a shift in the overall way we as women are talking to and about one another. It feels more inclusive and less combative. More optimistic. More productive.

I love watching these messages and themes become part of the conversation. Today they’re much more prevalent, of course, but I’m seeing them regardless of what day it happens to be.

Is this the new phase of feminism (a word I’m always hesitant to use because there’s SO much baggage attached to it, but I think you know what I mean here…)? Just as #StrongIsTheNewSkinny, have we shifted away from being antagonistic to being interested in one another’s well being and growth?

If so, I’m all in.

Oh, and Happy International Women’s Day, y’all. Here’s to each of you — and here’s to us being there for each other along the way.

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