Friday Favorites

Another Friday, y’all. Wahoooooo!

Today marks the start of the 39th week of pregnancy for me (whoa — we’re so close to the end!). I’m still feeling good, and this little girl seems quite cozy in her current location. I’m hoping we’ll get to meet her sooner than later (especially because that will mean avoiding the whole induction conversation), but lots is up to her at this point. (That said, I’m trying to stay active, drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea, eating dates like they’re going out of style, and have an acupuncture appointment scheduled for next Wednesday in case nothing’s happened by then. We shall see!)

It’s been fun in these last few weeks, though, as those final items on our baby to-do list have all been checked off. Now Kevin and I are just in hang out mode, waiting on our daughter to arrive. I’m trying to treasure these last days together, balancing that with the readiness I feel to meet this little one.

While I continue to wait, I thought I’d share a few Friday Favorites with y’all!

  • SNS Nails. Have any of y’all tried this gel alternative? I’d seen it advertised at my nail salon, but hadn’t ever given it a go until this past weekend. (I usually paint my own nails — and often! — so I don’t typically get gel nails or anything.) In anticipation of this baby coming, though, I was looking for a more long-lasting option. My sister was in town, and she was down to try this new-to-us process as well. (We chose it over gel because the UV lamp used to set gel nails isn’t recommended while you’re pregnant. Plus, this version is billed as much more natural overall, and supposedly improves the health of your nails while it’s on. And it’s supposed to last about three weeks!) The results? I love my nails. They feel SO strong and I love the color. I got them done Saturday and they’re still perfect. This might just be my new go-to! (For those in Winston-Salem, I got mine done at Elite Nails by Whole Foods.)

  • The Great British Baking Show. Susan and Marty (my sister and brother-in-law) were in town last weekend and mentioned that they loved this show. Always one for a good Netflix recommendation (especially one involving baked goods!), I wanted to check it out, so we all watched a few episodes together while they were here. Kevin and I totally got hooked, and plowed through the rest of the first season on Sunday. We love that everyone on the show, judges included, is just so very pleasant and polite. It’s another side of reality TV, and one we’re definitely in favor of.

  • Calm App. I’ve mentioned this app before for its meditation-related features, but wanted to call it out again for its sleep stories. I¬†historically have had no issues falling — and staying — asleep, but that’s changed in these final weeks of pregnancy. Enter sleep stories, which are 30ish-minute-long narratives read by people with soothing voices. They really do put me right to sleep, and it’s so much better than watching Netflix on my phone to help me get some shut eye.

  • Baby Bathing Suits. Yes, I’m obsessed with pretty much all teeny tiny baby girl clothes these days, but I recently ordered a bathing suit and received a second one as a gift (thanks, Susan and Marty!) and can’t get over the cuteness. Kevin and I are planning to be with his family for a week at the beach this August (an annual tradition we love), and it will be such fun to have a little one to bring along this year!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! (Let’s hope we avoid this snowy weather they’re predicting for Sunday. Gross!)

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