Lazy Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a chill one. Kevin and I had dinner with a couple of friends on Friday night (at Full Moon Oyster Bar in Clemmons, which was SO delicious), then went with them to hang at Wise Man Brewing afterward (which is also great — I hadn’t yet been!). On Saturday morning, I got going early to teach a couple of classes at the Pure Barre Clemmons studio (which was awesome — tons of new clients thanks to our “Share the Love” Open House event).

Other than that, there wasn’t anything on our calendar for this weekend, which is VERY out of the ordinary at the Keller house. (Usually our weekend schedule fills up thanks to me, as I tend to say “yes” to lots of things — or make very ambitious to-to lists — and all of a sudden we have very little downtime during the weekend.)

Now that our baby prep is all ready (nursery is set, hospital bag is packed, car seat bases are installed), I’m not feeling anxious about making sure those things get done. I have some freelancing irons on the fire, but some of those are starting to die down as well as my due date approaches. And so Kevin and I decided Saturday would be a movie marathon day for us. We watched four movies (all of which were great, which was very lucky!): Big Eyes, Arrival, The Edge of Seventeen, and Moonlight. It was lovely and relaxing, and fun for the two of us to just be together most of the day.


Sunday was equally slow paced, with a leisurely breakfast (protein pancakes and scrambled eggs!), working on some freelance projects, running a few errands just to get out of the house for a while, teaching and then taking Pure Barre, and then making some healthy homemade gummy bears before watching The Oscars for a while before bed.


(Oh, and lots of snuggles with this stripey guy.):


(Okay, so maybe Sunday was a little busier than Saturday, but it still felt pretty chill on my end.)

Weekends like these are good for me. They aren’t always comfortable (I’m wired to be doing something constantly — even if that means sort of making up tasks for myself to help me feel productive), but it’s so healthy to just slow down for a couple of days. Take deep breaths. Not be in front of my phone or laptop all day. Lose track of time and to-do lists for a few hours. Be with people who matter. Especially with so much BIG change on the horizon, unscheduled time like this was, I think, exactly what I needed.

Here’s to slow, quiet weekends to recharge and completely relax. They’re few and far between, to be sure!

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