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There’s a set of pretty standard apps that most of us use frequently. You know, the social media standards (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), The Weather Channel app, Google Maps and Waze, etc. But then we all have those extras that we love and use pretty often that others might not know about.


I wanted to share some of those “extra” apps — outside of the rather ubiquitous social/maps/weather set — that I use frequently. (I have an iPhone, by the way. I think some of these are iOS specific.) Here goes!:

Waterlogged: I’ve raved about this app before, but wanted to mention it again. It allows you to set a water consumption goal for the day and then track against it as you chip away at the goal. Go, hydration!

Wunderlist: This is the perfect app for fellow Type A list makers. You can make lists galore (and then share them with others as necessary). I have lists for groceries, blog post ideas, movies I want to watch, books I want to read, gift ideas, recipes I want to try, and more.

Ibotta: I’m not all that into coupon clipping, but I do enjoy using Ibotta to get money back on grocery items. Once you hit $20, you can deposit it right into your PayPal account. Easy!

Ebates: Y’all. I know, I’ve talked about Ebates a ton, but that’s because it’s amazing! Getting cash back for purchases you’re already going to make (at sites like Nordstrom, Target, Expedia, and more), no strings attached?? Anyway, the app version is essential for when you’re shopping via smartphone.

Cardstar: Good news! You can get rid of all those pesky little loyalty cards with barcodes that make your keychain massive. Just put the bar codes into your phone instead and pull up any card you need as you’re checking out! Talk about streamlining things.

Calm: I’ve been trying to incorporate more meditation, mindfulness, and stillness into my life, and have to say it doesn’t come naturally. This app has been a helpful reminder and, with sessions starting at just five minutes, is a good way to ease into things.

SkyFit: I’ve shared about this app just recently, but couldn’t not include it, as it’s one of my new favorite finds. The app is populated with tons of on-demand workouts — ranging from indoor or outdoor running to yoga workouts and more — led by a variety of trainers. I’ve been using it mainly for outdoor running so far, and have loved the way my runs have been flying by. It’s a subscription-based, paid app, just as a heads up. I think it’s very worth it, though!

What are some apps you use all the time? I’d love to add some cool new-to-me ones to my line-up!



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