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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been a part of a program called Fat Loss Foodies Cooking School, spearheaded by an awesome woman here in Winston-Salem, Leslie Ann Quillen (LAQ). Leslie Ann is a personal trainer, fat loss nutrition coach, and self-proclaimed foodie, and she’s pretty great. I’m glad to have met her virtually, and hope to meet her in person soon, too! (Shout out to my friend Teri of A Foodie Stays Fit for introducing me to Leslie Ann!)

Initially, I didn’t think this online course was for me. After all, I’m not aiming to lose weight, really. But as I read more about the program, I became intrigued. This was a course on how to start developing diet habits that drive fat loss and leave muscles intact, all while eating delicious meals that keep you full and fuel your energy level. As a person who’s definitely tried lots of approaches when it comes to healthy eating (some more sustainable than others), this seemed quite appealing.

During the four-week Fat Loss Foodies Cooking School, LAQ offers videos/blog posts about things like an intro to hormonal fat loss, the role of cheat meals, how much protein (and what kinds) you should be eating, and much more. Plus, LAQ sets up a private Facebook group for the class’ participants so everyone can interact and ask questions, share meals, etc. She hosts periodic webinars with other experts as well as Periscope check-in conversations. Since it’s an online class, there are women from all over the world participating, which makes it so fun and community oriented.

Kevin and I already eat healthily, but so far (it’s just Week 2) this course has helped me focus more on eating a protein-filled breakfast (I haven’t been great about eating breakfast historically, and am especially bad about getting enough protein in the morning) and worry less about the amount of calories I’m consuming and more about what type of foods I’m eating and when. It’s been great to try some new recipes, learn more about what my body specifically needs, get Leslie Ann’s advice on great ways to modify recipes to make them fat loss friendly, and just feel a renewed excitement about food rather than getting stuck in a rut on weekdays (and not doing a good job of planning for meals). Rather than feeling daunting, I’ve enjoyed prepping breakfasts the night before and coming home and cooking an interesting, balanced dinner rather than just making a salad or some quick stir fry veggies (which are my go-to weeknight dinner options about 99% of the time).

My biggest achievement so far? Breakfast, hands down. A mere two weeks ago, I was a breakfast skipper extraordinaire. I figured I’d save those calories for later in the day. But I’ve been reminded of the importance of not only eating breakfast, but eating the right kind of breakfast. This morning, I heated up the Blueberry Protein Pancakes I’d made last night. I feel full, and they were SO good.

blueberry protein pancakes
(Photo credit: LAQ Fitness. I ate mine too quickly to take a pic!)

Last week, I made a Spicy Breakfast Casserole that Kevin and I ate the whole week, warming up a slice each day with a side of fruit. So easy. So delicious. So healthy. Win. Win. Win.

IMG_0012 (1)

Thanks, Leslie Ann, for this great resource, and for sharing your knowledge and encouragement. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a jump start to a healthier eating lifestyle or who, like me, just need a boost to really make the foods you’re eating do the most work for your body to keep it strong, lean, and healthy. (I’m not sure when Leslie Ann will be offering another round of Fat Loss Foodies Cooking School, but in the meantime check out her website for some great resources and awesome recipes.)


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