Beautiful Back To School Essentials For Students And Non-Students Alike

Summertime, with its long, sunshine-filled, lazy days, is quickly coming to a close, and back to school fever is setting in big time. Even for those of us who have moved beyond the academic world and its schedule, this time of year tends to bring with it an itch for a restart of sorts. Whether that means some lovely office supplies for your workspace, a brand new tote to carry your essentials to and fro, or some key must-haves to make the workday more enjoyable, the urge for “new” is definitely in the air.

With that in mind, here’s a collection of a few items to usher you into fall 2015 in style.

OFFICE SUPPLIES: Because it’s a proven fact (or should be – that’s my theory, at least) that you’re more productive when surrounded by beautiful things:

jot it down notepad

business card holder

  • Be inspired to be a good note taker with these playful sea creature-themed notebooks. Since they come in sets of three, you can strategically place them in various places so you’ll be sure to have one on hand when a great idea (or meeting you need to document) strikes.

sea creature notebooks

  • Sure, the digital landscape offers countless ways to stay organized using your computer, phone, or tablet, but for those who prefer to kick it old school planner-style, try this elegant option for a 2016 planner.


  • In order to maintain an organized workspace, you need a place for all the items on your desk. Enter this beautiful desktop organizer, offering a place to house some smaller desk items in a clutter-free way.

desktop organizer

BAGS AND TOTES: Because the supplies are important, but it also matters what you carry them in.

  • You can’t go wrong with a well-made leather tote that you can enjoy for years to come. Go all in and get this one personalized to make it extra special.

leather tote

  • Pockets sure do come in handy when you need to access something easily, and this tote comes with plenty of those.

forestbound tote

  • Sturdy, casual, but still on-trend, this tote can go from office to carry-on to weekend bag in a breeze.

canvas tote

  • Stripes are a perfect way to transition from the nautical fun of summer into a more regimented fall schedule while hanging on to some of the whimsy.

stripe laptop bag

MISCELLANEOUS: Because details matter.

  • An essential morning item, which is often most conveniently consumed on the go. Fill up this adorable travel mug to get caffeinated in style during your morning commute.

travel mug

  • A girl’s always got to be charged, so when your phone starts to lose power and you’re not near an outlet, be prepared with this pretty on-the-go charger.

mobile charger

iPhone case

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