The Perfect Duffel Bags For Weekend Adventures

Who’s got springtime travel plans? I have a couple of long weekend trips coming up in March that I’m super excited about (a weekend in the mountains with great friends and a weekend at the lake celebrating my amazing mom’s 60th birthday). Upcoming trips always get the type A planner in me going, and before I know it I’m making packing lists and other travel plans (What meals should we bring to the lake? What to do with Fulton while we’re gone? Etc.).

And it also starts me thinking about what to pack IN, and what’s better for a weekend getaway than a great duffel bag? Here are some duffels I’d love to fill with all my weekend travel essentials:

1. Novel Duffel in Chevron by Herschel

Herschel Supply Co. has so many great duffels (so many sizes, styles, colors, and patterns!) that it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I really love this one. It has a separate shoe compartment, too, which I always appreciate:

herschel novel duffel

2. Hampton Duffel in Bottle Green by Blue Claw

Are y’all familiar with Blue Claw? Kevin and I met the guys behind this brand last summer and I immediately fell in love with their products. It’s mostly stuff for guys, but there are some items (like this one!) that are perfect for the ladies, too:

blue claw duffel

3. Striped Duffel by Baggu

This one’s hopelessly preppy, and I love it. A lot:

baggu striped duffel

4. The Weekender by Everlane

Isn’t this a beautiful bag? Classic, well made, and lovely. I’m a fan:

everland weekender

5. Tribal Duffel by High Gloss Fashion

This bag seems like it would hold a ton of stuff, doesn’t it? Quite handy for those who lean on the side of over packing (that would be me):

tribal duffel

6. Tribal Duffel by Pendleton 

Speaking of tribal…:

pendleton tribal

7. Oaxacan Duffel by WILL Leather Goods

So, this one’s just a BIT out of my price range, but isn’t it beautiful? (WILL Leather Goods sounds like an awesome Oregon-based company, too. They’re a one-for-one company that donates a backpack to a child in need with every bag they sell.):

will duffel

8. Quilted Gear Duffel by Zella

I’ve sung the praises of the Zella brand in previous posts, so felt this bag was definitely worth including in the mix (especially if you’re looking for an option that can transition well from weekday workout use to weekend travel bag:

zella duffel

Now…anyone up for a road trip?

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