Valentine’s Day Favorite Finds

I know people love to hate on Valentine’s Day. It’s commercial, it’s overrated, there shouldn’t be just one day set aside to show your significant other you love them, etc. I agree that there’s a cheesy factor to Valentine’s Day, I happen to hate roses, and I boycott most restaurants on the day itself (especially ones who develop overpriced fixed menus for V-Day) but I’ve always loved this holiday. It’s just nice to spend a day reminding people you care about them, you know? Plus, baked goods are encouraged for Valentine’s Day, and we all know how I feel about those.

But it’s also fun to see what people create for Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to pass along a few creative things I’ve seen to celebrate Hearts Day this year. Some are sweet, some are silly, some are weird. Enjoy!:

google doodle

love at first sight

mambo #5

  • Look at IKEA getting all sassy for Valentine’s Day in Singapore:


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! What have you seen today that’s made you smile?

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