Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids (That They’ll Actually Use)!

Despite the way many couples feel about wedding planning, Kevin and I loved the process and actually had fun putting the event together. Sure — there are lots of details to take care of, and some are far more exciting to deal with than others, but ultimately we were throwing a party for our very favorite people, so it was a special time for us.

One of the details when wedding planning is, of course, deciding what gifts to give your bridal party. For me, it was important that my bridesmaids receive a gift they’d enjoy using, and so I opted to get each girl a bottle of her favorite perfume. It was personal and useful — yay!

But there are, of course, lots of options when it comes to choosing gifts for these special ladies, and it can get overwhelming, so I thought I’d round up a few solid picks to add to the consideration list for all you brides-to-be out there:

  • A monogrammed tote or duffel bag. Chances are, the girls in your wedding party are on-the-go (they likely traveled for your special day, in fact!), so arm them with a duffel or tote they’ll enjoy for years to come:

herschel duffel bags

  • Personalized stationery. I’ve found that nice stationery is always something special and is helpful to have on hand, yet I rarely buy it for myself. Why not supply your bridesmaids with some lovely personalized note cards?:


  • Champagne glasses. Weddings are celebrations, and what better representation of a celebration than champagne glasses? Get each bridesmaid a set of glasses of her own so she can toast many happy moments to come:


  • A robe. You’ll be spending lots of time beautifying with your bridal party on your wedding day, so a robe is a great gift that will be useful immediately and enjoyed long after:


  • A jewelry box. Every girl need a lovely place to keep her favorite jewelry, and you might want to include a pair of earrings for her to wear on your wedding day in this gift!:

jewelry box

  • A clutch. My sister gave all her bridesmaids clutches for her wedding last July and each of ours was made with a different fabric. I love using mine for other occasions! (Bonus: This Etsy shop can customize each bag with a personal label.):


Happy wedding planning!

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