Celebs I’d Like To Be Friends With

Ever since the birth of Twitter, there’s been all this talk about how now the lines have been blurred between celebrities and us everyday folks. Whether it’s true or not, famous folks just seem more accessible and, well, human now that we can see Instagram photos of them snuggling with their dogs or eating fro yo and whatnot.

Full disclosure: I do follow some celebs on both Instagram and Twitter but don’t consider myself to be an especially starstruck-type person. Still, there are some famous people that I get a good vibe from (whether from social media, interviews I’ve heard them give, movie roles they’ve chosen, etc.) and just think we’d get along.

Here are some of the stars on my friendship wish list:

  • JT and Jessica Biel: Let’s face it — these two come as a set, and I’m okay with that! Not only is JT super funny and talented, but Jess also seems down-to-earth and all-around awesome. Not to mention the fact that their pup, Tina, looks like she could pretty much be Fulton’s long lost sister.

Jessica-biel-nikki-nelson-wenn justin-timberlake-jessica-biel-dog-14

jennifer lawrence

matt damon

  • Mindy Kaling: I’ve been a fan of Miss Kaling’s for quite some time now (evidenced here), and she most definitely makes the “wannabe friends” list for me. Seriously: If you read her book I’m relatively certain you’ll feel the same way. And then we can ALL be friends!



  • Lauren Conrad: True, she got her start in the limelight as a reality TV star (and I, in fact, watched her on both Laguna Beach and The Hills), but in the years since those shows stopped airing Lauren’s shown that she’s got a sense for business, is a go-getter, values lasting friendships, and has a quick wit about her, as evidenced during a recent radio interview. I feel like we should hang.


  • Stephen Colbert: I have SO much respect and admiration for this guy, and love the way he’s able to talk about real issues and news but with so much humor. He’s just so sharp! I want him to come over for dinner and just make me laugh hard and think hard all at the same time.

Stephen Colbert

End Note: Of course, I feel the complete opposite way about many other celebrities, and don’t feel like we’d get along in the slightest. Some because they’re Kim Kardashian, but others whose work I admire but whose personality kind of scares me. Case in point: Kevin Spacey. I love this guy’s acting, and the projects he chooses to be involved with are incredible, but his intensity scares the crap out of me and I never want to meet him.

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