New York, I Love You. (And I Miss You.)

Kevin and I spent last weekend in New York City with my parents and Susan and Marty. The first thing to become apparent is that a mere weekend is not nearly enough time to spend in the city. (Duh.) It’s more like a tease, really.

Still, we squeezed as much into two days as possible, and had a blast.

Some highlights (in no particular order — certainly not chronological):

  • I think my favorite thing was checking out The High Line. I knew it was going to be one of those places you had to experience in order to truly “get” it, and so Mom, Dad, Kevin, and I spent the late morning on Sunday perusing the area. We had gorgeous weather and clear views, making the outing all the more fun. It also made us even more hopeful that Atlanta’s BeltLine will take off. I mean, what an ideal way to use railroad space that no one wants anymore, right?

  • Another plus to The High Line was that once we came down we were in Chelsea, and that was wonderful news. We popped into Chelsea Market, shopped in some of the boutiques near the Market (including a Warby Parker showroom, which was really fun), and had lunch at a delicious Italian place.
  • Broadway’s The Lion King was just as incredible as everyone says it is. The costumes are breathtaking. It was the perfect end to a fun-filled Saturday (and it was quite a relief to sit for a few hours after walking around all day!). Here are all four of us kids are the show (I look a bit like a ghost):

  • The Williamsburg/Brooklyn area is awesome. I could have spent all weekend there. We walked across the Williamsburg Bridge on Saturday morning and spent the first half of the day wandering the hipster-filled streets and loving every second — especially the numerous seconds we spent in this cozy biergarten, Radegast Hall:

  • Serendipitously, we passed by the China Town building used as the New Zealand consulate on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords. I was by far the most excited in our group, as evidenced by this photo. (Seriously, though. It’s a great show.):

  • We got to publicly scorn Guy Fieri’s new Times Square eyesore of a restaurant, which received such a, well, memorable review from The New York Times last week. (Please read this article if you haven’t yet! It’s delightfully scathing.):

  • We got to hang out with some of my very favorite people! I don’t have a photo of the six of us together, though, which is rather sad. Still, we had a great time in the Big Apple. Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for helping to make this trip possible!

Two additional notes:

  • Magnolia Bakery cupcakes = seriously overrated. The icing was too — something. Not too sweet, even, just not very delicious. Almost greasy. I was quite disappointed, and feel like I was led a bit astray. (I’m looking at you, Andy Samberg.)

  • The Delta terminal (Concourse D) at the LaGuardia Airport was a highlight of the trip. I know — crazy, right? The airport? But it was! Not only was there some great shopping (a new store that had goods for “the modern traveler” and was right up our alley), but we also enjoyed a French dinner at a place called Bisoux which featured iPads and credit card scanners at each seat, which facilitated the ordering process. The iPad even tracked our flight as you were dining, sending periodic reminders as our boarding time neared. A perfect idea for an airport for sure.

I miss you already, NYC!

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